A successful writer and businessman with a background in IT and marketing Paul has the attributes of a top marketing team - just with lots of extra creativity!

  I decided to set up this service after the marketing team of a global publisher couldn’t muster up some decent copy for my book between them. They understood the marketing message but its delivery was flawed and far from scintillating.

Similar observations elsewhere suggested to me that writing was a weak link for both SMEs and top firms. I wasn't so surprised as quality creative writing for marketing is an elusive, highly specialised skill.

I was so confident I could do better that I set up this service - guaranteeing improvements on a unique, no-risk basis for clients.  

Paul Hichens is a successful businessman and published writer with a language degree, a master’s degree in IT and postgraduate and corporate marketing credentials.

While he cites his biggest asset as his writing talent and natural creativity Paul regularly draws upon his business, marketing and technical expertise to create exceptional web/marketing copy.

Paul has a successful record improving the work of professional writers/companies. Uniquely, he goes as far as to guarantee web/marketing improvements on a no-risk basis for clients.