Helping large companies

What you probably don’t need

If you represent a large company then your marketing director should already know your product or service inside out and will have researched the market, analysed the competition identified targets and devised strategy.

We are not here to teach your marketing director to suck eggs when it comes to the planning and execution of your marketing strategy. In the vast majority of cases this would be completely unnecessary.

What you could benefit from…

Where we can help marketing directors – probably more than most realise – is in the all-important words that underpin and drive these various marketing activities.

Make no mistake, words, and the way things are written can be (and often is) pivotal to the abject failure, mediocrity or runaway success of marketing messages and campaigns.

Underestimate the value of words at your peril!

But don’t marketing directors already know about writing?

Most marketing directors are acutely aware of the importance of concise, well-worded, properly targeted messages. That isn’t the problem. The main issue is that the vast majority of marketing directors, managers and teams are not top specialist, exceptionally creative writers. Yes, some of them write (or have written) copy with varying degrees of success, while others have experience engaging others to do it for them (for example, freelance copywriters, web companies, SEO techies, in-house staff, marketing agencies or other firms). However (and this is the crux), while many marketing teams, directors and CMOs can spot the difference between good and bad copy, they tend to find it a lot harder to differentiate between good copy and great copy. The same applies to websites. For example, there are literally thousands of corporate websites that look good and convey an on-brand message. Fine you may think? Well not if they could be improved further still and on numerous fronts. Such cases cost companies millions in missed sales every year, frequently without the company even being aware of just how much lost business slips through their fingers.

What can you do?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by requesting a review of your website and/or marketing copy. We will give you a free, honest opinion without any commitment or obligation whatsoever. If we identify any issues we will let you know and you can either address them yourself or request a free quotation.