Missed Opportunities

Who misses out?

Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of businesses (large and small) around the world regularly miss out on opportunities to attract more clients, improve conversions, boost sales and generate greater profits.

How come?

Missing out isn’t so surprising in itself, because it can be a bit of an artform to identify and capitalise on opportunities before other business competitors in the cut-throat corporate arena.

Not everyone can improve their prospects of attracting more customers, improving market share and achieving better profits.

Or can they?

Well yes they can – and especially when a solution is right in front of them in black and white!

Pretty much all companies rely heavily on the words they use to sell their products and services. This reliance tends to be grossly underestimated by many companies, and not just SMEs, but global giants too.

Somewhat paradoxically, all companies use written words as a major, if not primary tool in their sales and marketing armoury, but very few actually realise how much really hinges on these seemingly inconsequential little squiggles and sequences of A-Z characters.

In this modern day of the Internet, written words are the first thing that a prospective client encounters when introduced to your company. They are your gateway to the customer. A gate that will either open and welcome them in, or turn them away and close forever. There are no half measures. It’s one or the other – and this is before a single member of your staff has had a chance to speak to them. If anything, these opening written words are more important than spoken ones – because if the written words don’t sing then your chances of even initiating a conversation die.

First impressions are vital, and these few words, phrases and sentences have a direct influence on the relationship prospective customers have with you (or not as the case may be).

The solution

The most successful businesses make the most of every single prospect. However, that is the exception rather than the rule. Many companies let hundreds of golden opportunities slip through their fingers on a regular basis – without even knowing it!

You may view your company as one of the rare exceptions. In which case great. Alternatively, if you are one of the 99.9% of business globally whose all-important written web and marketing copy doesn’t sing quite as well as it could then we can help you improve your prospects and maximise your opportunities – and like no one else!