Assessing your requirements – free!

Paul is happy to examine your web/marketing copy and advise you free of charge. It could be that your current copy (or website) is fine, in which case Paul will say so.

Alternatively, if Paul identifies any issues or areas that can be improved, he will let you know (and can also give you a quotation if you so desire).

Quotations and Prices

As this is bespoke work, your free quotation will vary depending upon the job and the actual amount of work involved.

We can’t give prices without assessing the amount of work involved, and this is not possible without (A) reviewing and assessing your request, and (B) you indicating what work you might like help with.

Quotation Method

We can’t assess work or provide quotations via telephone or chat. We need to see/visualise the work in black and white and/or via weblinks where appropriate.

To set the ball rolling therefore please request your free assessment via the dedicated request form. We can then assess the work and give you a quotation.


In most cases we should be able to improve your web/marketing copy. And for new clients, we are happy to enhance this for you on a no-improvement-no-fee basis.

If you don’t like our suggestions you pay nothing. Alternatively, if you implement our suggestions (as most clients do) then you just pay the amount quoted upfront.


No pressure!

Paul is not a salesman, but a top writer - and he lets his writing do the talking. If you don’t want to take advantage of the suggestions or quotation then that is not a problem.

Paul is busy enough as it is, and devotes his time to helping those who recognise the value he brings, not trying to persuade those who don’t.


Payments and terms

Existing clients are already aware of the advantages we bring.

If you are a new client, then to help you get an idea of what we can do for you we are happy to provide both a quotation and a sample of work risk-free.

Either way, you can accept or decline the quotation on a hassle-free, no obligation basis.