We mean exactly that!


…when you engage someone to write your web or marketing copy there is:

(1) A definite cost involved whether you engage an external company, or you assign someone on your payroll to try to do it in-house.

(2) A question mark over just who is writing your copy, and what qualifications, experience, expertise, creativity, and natural writing talent they have (or don’t have as the case may be).

(3) No guarantee that you’ll want to use or even like what they produce (despite the fixed cost incurred)

(4) A risk involved, for the above reasons, and the possibility that you will lose out on your investment in what is a vital – if not pivotal - area of your business.

On the other hand…

…with us there is:                                                                                           

(1) No cost at all if you don’t want to use any of Paul’s suggestions.                                                                                                                                            

(2) No question mark or doubt over who is writing your copy – a top global web/marketing copy specialist with a successful 20-year record guaranteeing improvements to the work of other professional writers and writing companies.

(3) Not just an actual guarantee for a change, but by far the strongest copywriting guarantee you’ll get anywhere, globally!

(4) No risk, no worries and total peace of mind!