What kind of things can you improve?

Anything in written format including web content, marketing copy, promotional material, taglines and bios.

Frequently improvements can be made on numerous fronts including attracting/engaging/channelling more customers and the flow, delivery and power of your sales message. Each case is different, and the improvements made will depend upon your original material, your circumstances and your own individual targets/goals.

It is also worth bearing in mind that different customers have different goals to others. So, for example, while many clients want things such as improved Google rankings and better sales conversions, other clients may have other goals/motives, and may for example may be less concerned about Google but more interested in saying the same kind of thing as their current copy, but in a more flowing, concise and elegant manner .

Often it is a matter of horses for courses, and Paul can work flexibly to your remit.

In the first instance please request a review and Paul will be happy to assess your requirements and advise.

Can you improve upon any web content, marketing copy, taglines etc?

Some web/marketing copy is absolutely fine. And some hits the spot perfectly. In which case there is no value in considering changing it. However, this is the exception rather than the rule, and most web/marketing copy can be improved. This applies not just to web/marketing copy written by laymen and in-house staff, but also that written by general copywriters and even global marketing companies.

Can you improve my web/marketing copy risk-free?

Yes, for new clients, quite uniquely Paul guarantees to improve upon any web/marketing copy on a no-improvement-no-fee basis. Please click details of his special guarantee.

Can Paul improve the work of global web/marketing companies?

As mentioned, sometimes the original copy is fine, but Paul is happy to guarantee improvements in the vast majority of cases, including guaranteed improvements to the work of global marketing companies.

Who do you help?

Can I read more about Paul?

How are you so sure you can make improvements?

There are numerous reasons for this. Please click here to discover some of these reasons.

Do you advise on marketing?

If needed, Paul can give some marketing advice to smaller companies, including advice on websites, advertising, PPC, SEO, logos, taglines, branding etc. Larger companies, on the other hand, have chief marketing officers or marketing directors who know their firm’s marketing inside out. They should already have done their research and have their target and marketing strategy nailed down. As such, for larger companies, there should be no real reason for Paul to get involved with any marketing aspect of other than the words used to promote and sell their products/services.

That said, the words aspect should not be underestimated. On the contrary, words are highly instrumental, if not pivotal, in many aspects of marketing – and can make or break campaigns. So while Paul’s involvement might be limited to just one main aspect (the creative writing), it can have a huge impact.

How much does it cost to review my request?

It is free for Paul to review your request. You just need to send details of what you would like reviewing, and he can assess this and give you a free, no obligation quotation. Please click here to request your free assessment.

How much does it cost per job?

It is a very bespoke service and costs inevitably vary depending upon the work involved. It is impossible to give a quotation without an idea of the work/service you would like, but if you request a quotation and provide details then Paul will be happy to give you a free, no obligation quotation.

At the same time is worth mentioning that if you are looking for cut-price options then you’re better off with a budget company. This is a top-end service for customers who understand that top quality web content and marketing copy positively impacts on business, sales and profits and can (and frequently does) reap considerable returns on investment. Such customers also appreciate the opposite, detrimental, effect that lower quality web/marketing copy can have on a business.

We do believe the Paul’s service represents outstanding value for money considering the advantages he gives his SME and corporate clients in the cut-throat world of commerce, but it is not a budget service. At the same time the fees are still lower than certain marketing companies who provide lower quality copy via unknown writers with more risk and no guarantees.

It’s free and without obligation to request a quotation and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so.

How can I provide information for the quotation?

Paul’s preferred method is electronically, and if you can provide details of the website or marketing material that you would like improving then Paul can assess this and advise. You can request a free assessment by clicking here. Paul can also visit your offices (subject to availability and a charge).

Can I ask for a quotation over the telephone or live chat?

You can talk to someone on the telephone or live chat but is not possible to give a quotation by telephone. We are dealing with written works here. It’s impossible for Paul to assess the work involved on any project over the telephone or live chat. He needs to assess things in black and white, and also do this by taking his time and examining things in a considered manner. If you submit a request for a free review then Paul will be happy to give you a quotation. As mentioned, another option is for Paul to visit your offices, but email is quicker and more convenient - as well as free!

Do I need to pay if I don’t use any of the suggestions?

No, as per his special guarantee, those taking advantage of the no-improvement-no-fee offer only need to pay if you decide to use any of the suggestions.

Can I just request a test sample initially?

Are there cheaper services?

Yes, there are budget services. Naturally, it’s up to you who you choose, but if you are serious about maximising your return on investment then you want the best service. Anything else can be (and frequently is) a false economy.

Are there more expensive services?

Yes, there are. Notably, we frequently improve the copy/content of even the most expensive firms – usually on various fronts.

What are the timescales?

Naturally timescales depend on the job. We can give you an indication of estimated timescales once you give us an indication of the scale of the proposed job.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments are by bank wire.

Are prices negotiable?

Paul is a writer, and not a salesman. He is very much in demand and his fees already represent outstanding value for the advantages he gives clients in competitive commercial market. Moreover, we firmly believe that the services he provides represents excellent investments for business clients. As such prices are not negotiable, although it is entirely your prerogative whether you accept a no obligation quotation or not.

What is your refund policy?

New customers can request some work on a no-improvement-no-fee basis. In such cases then, quite uniquely there is no need for a refund policy.

For regular clients and new clients choosing to accept a subsequent quotation we offer a full no-quibble refund if for any reason you change your mind before work starts, or a pro-rata, part refund in the unlikely event you wish to cancel part of the way through the job. No refunds are given once the work has been sent out.

Can I request changes or additions?

We expect you to be delighted with the suggestions, but if you would like anything changing or amending just let us know and we can address that as part of our free after-sales service.

If I say I’m not going to use any of his suggestions do you check this?

Most clients are reputable businesses, so for the most part it is not necessary to check, and especially since it is highly likely that most companies would want to follow any of his suggestions (and would say so). That said, in the unlikely event that a client said they didn’t want to follow any of Paul’s suggestions then we would indeed check this, and would invoice accordingly (with a surcharge) if any discrepancy.

It all sounds too good to be true. Is it?

This is a genuine service, with a genuine guarantee. Granted it is different, and is better than the offerings of other web content/marketing companies – giving you peace of mind and a risk-free way of getting dramatically improved web/marketing copy that you are 100% happy with from a trusted source.

The very fact that do not need to pay a penny until you are happy enough to want to implement suggestions means that even if you have the slightest doubt then you have nothing to lose from requesting a free appraisal.

Isn’t there a risk for Paul?

Yes, there is a risk for Paul that he will not get paid for work, but the risk is all his, not yours. Notably, he would not take on this risk if he had any doubt that he couldn’t improve upon the copy written by other professional writers and website marketing companies. But he is very confident that he can make improvements, so is happy to offer his unique guarantee.

Can Paul visit our offices?

In short, yes, this can be arranged.

On-site visits, both domestic and international, are subject to an upfront payment for Paul’s time (including travelling time) and flight costs if overseas.

Please note, Paul is a leading global exponent of web/marketing creative writing. He is very much in demand, and naturally places a value on his time. While Paul’s rates are perfectly reasonable considering his standing and the competitive advantages he can give his clients, if you are looking for a typical/standard service at budget rates, then this is not for you. Alternatively, if you are serious about improving sales, conversions and profits then Paul would be happy to hear from you.

Is a visit to your offices necessary?

In most cases visit to your offices is not necessary. Paul’s area of expertise is the written word, and in this day and age it is quick and easy to send details of your web/marketing copy electronically. Notably, if you send information electronically Paul can take more time and assess this at his own pace.

That said, sometimes it could be advantageous to spend a day at your office, and especially if you would like to engage Paul on a larger project, such as a coordinated holistic solution across your brand and web/marketing copy activities.

As mentioned on one of the points above, large companies already have CMOs/marketing directors to develop/drive marketing strategy and Paul is not there to step on your marketing director’s toes. Paul’s area of expertise revolves around the words that are key to successful marketing. Visits then should focus primarily on your written messages; be it web content, marketing copy, promotional material, advertising, taglines or anything else in black-and-white.

Does Paul ever turn down work?

Paul likes to help when he can, but is always in demand and can’t always take on new clients, and especially not always at short notice. He does sometimes turn down work, but this is the exception rather than the rule.