The wheat from the chaff

It’s somewhat of a paradox that an integral, if not pivotal part of any business – namely the words that shape your public image, consumer communications and sales message – is entrusted to non-specialists, rather than truly talented, business-savvy wordsmiths.

This isn’t so surprising given that the very best business writers are few and far between. In addition to creativity, vivid imagination and natural writing talent they also need marketing prowess, commercial expertise and a fine eye for detail. If that isn’t enough, in this digital day and age, the world’s top business writers also need to be technically astute with an in-depth understanding of web marketing, SEO and online consumer behaviour to name just a handful of necessary traits.

To compound matters yet further, the very best writers for business also need to excel when it comes to writing powerfully and concisely. It’s a very specialist skill and another reason why it is actually very rare to find someone with the right combination of all the prerequisite abilities.

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